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Friends Only [30 Apr 2009|12:29pm]

Why? You never know who could be reading your LJ.
Add Me? If you add me, I'll add you back.

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[22 Feb 2005|08:40pm]

Lee Eun Joo(25) , the popular actress in the popular dramas/movies FIREBIRD (with ERIC & LEE SUH JIN) TAE GUK GI (wonbin & jang dong gun) was found dead(hung herself) in her dressroom in her home in Boon Dang. She was discovered by her brother, 28, who was with her in her home with her mother since 6 in the morning-after going into her room until one in the afternoon, suspecting that something was wrong, he went into her dressroom and found her dead. With her, they found a pencil-sharpening knife (they use in korea) and traces of blood and scars on her wrist that she used to try and kill herself.

With her they found a note/will that said "Mom, Oppa (brother) I'm sorry."

She has been said to have had insomnia for a while and was upset about showing some skin Scarlet Letter The police are still investigating(?).

She left a note that could've said, "Mom, Oppa(brother) I'm sorry." or "I wanted to work so bad. Living wasn't living at all. I don't want to blame anyone for this. I wanted to have money... I wanted to make money."

taken from Kdramas.

Pictures (Not anything morbid.)Collapse )

A LOT of more info.
Pictures of Her Funeral

;_; This is just really awful. Most everyone knows her in Firebird, but I saw in Unborn But Forgotten. I really liked her in that. :/ I just can't believe this.. It's soo hard to actually believe this.. and wow, I just can't. It's like a joke.. I don't know what I'm saying. :/ But this is awful.
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