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. . . i miss icecream

18 May
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Hi. I'm Kaelie. I'm a bit weird. I have many odd fetishes. I'm a fatty. I don't know if I am gay, or not. I love my family, especially my grandma. I'm into self mutalation, but not often. I'm a vegetarian, one that doesn't eat meat or animal products. I love animals so fuckin much, you wouldn't believe. Movies is that one thing that I love to do, specially when I'm sad, it makes me feel better. I want to start a family. I try to lose weight. I'm a virgin, yes, something you don't come by often anymore, guh. I weighed 9 lbs when I was born, and kept gaining, and here I am at about 185 lbs. I'm shy, and sometimes anti-social. I have social anxeity. I find cannibalism very intrigueing. I do not like shallow or snooty people, and I want to kill people that harm animals. I'm EXTREMELY obsessive, really. When I get obsessed with someone, I tend to stalk them. I am a submissive person; meaning I can be dominated. I have a thing for rape. I love plus size women, I think they're beautiful. I love nice people, animal lovers, vegetarians, vegans, and animal rights activists. I get really jealous if my friends start to have new friends and hang out with them. I like blood. Dennis Nilsen is my favorite serial killer. My eyes twitch, a lot. I have acne all over my body. I can be a hyprocrit. I am learning french.

I have weird fetishes.. And yes, some of them have to do with men. One, Old guys.. Do not ask me why. Asians (I espcially like girl asians! <3).. And Native Americans. :D I love gay people. And midgets.. And oddly enough, I like my feet..


My cats, Yuki and Toki. Taken Dec 2004, so they're a lot bigger now. :)

Scooter. Yep, he's my favorite. :)

Scooter and Mookey, my babies. <3

My room. :p

:) Me and my baby!

Yeah.. This picture is scary, but I think it's funny, lol.

Me about to play Sonic! Hell yes! :D